Mazda Dashboard Warning Lights

September 30th, 2018 by

dashboard warning lights

When driving your brand new Mazda through the streets of McKinney, you may occasionally see some dashboard lights on or flashing. Unlike most brands, Mazda dashboard warning lights aren’t only easily identifiable, but they are also color coded for easy understanding. Let’s take a look at what warning lights fit which color code, so you know when to bring your vehicle into the Town North Mazda service center!

Green Mazda Warning Lights

Generally, any green dashboard light you see on your Mazda simply indicates the system its referencing is on and/or functioning properly. Here is a list of related green Mazda dashboard lights:

  • Lane Departure Warning System, when a lane departure is detected
  • Lights on (exterior lights only)
  • Turn signals and/or hazard warning lights
  • Cruise Set Indicator light ON
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control Set Indicator ON
  • KEY Indicator Light

Yellow Mazda Warning Lights

Much like the green dashboard lights of your Mazda vehicle, the yellow lights typically indicate the particular system is on. However, yellow lights can also indicate potential issues for specific systems. Here are the systems that correspond to yellow Mazda dashboard lights:

  • Lane Departure Warning System is ON
  • Adaptive Front Lighting System is OFF
  • Dynamic Stability Control OFF
  • Blind Spot Monitoring OFF
  • Sport Mode ON
  • Cruise Main Indicator Light ON
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control Warning Light ON
  • FOW and SCBS are turned OFF
    • The Following Yellow Lights Indicate Potential Issues
      • Traction Control System/Dynamic Stability Control malfunctions
      • Check Engine light
      • Tire Pressure warning light
      • Antilock Brake System (ABS) malfunction
      • Low fuel level
      • Power Steering malfunction
      • Automatic Transaxle warning light
      • Low washer fluid level
      • Check fuel cap
      • Perform maintenance

Red Mazda Warning Lights

If you see a red dashboard warning light, these should not be ignored. These indicate immediate service needs. These lights include references to the following systems:

speedometer warning light

  • Air bag/front seat belt pretensioner system malfucntions
  • Seat belt unbuckled/malfunction
  • Forward obstruction warning and Smart City Brake system (keep in mind however, flashing red indicates they are on, while yellow indicates malfunction)
  • Brake warning light
  • Master warning light
  • Charging system malfunction
  • Door/trunk/ ajar
  • KEY warning light
  • Red coolant temp light when flashing means engine is running too hot

Get Your Mazda Serviced at Town North Mazda

There are also two blue warning lights, which indicate when your high beams are on and to show if your engine coolant temp is too low. Our certified technicians can help you with any potential issues or warning lights that you may see or experience on your drives through Richardson. Visit us today for any assistance, to find places to eat in Richardson, or simply contact us online beforehand with any questions you may have.

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